How It Began ©

By Roy Dean Doughty
Written February 16th, 2010

Listen here for my reading of “How It Began.”


In the land that was, before all our explosions,
The animals could talk,
But their talk was carried through thin,
Transparent tubes, so that what they said
Only reached their intended hearers,
And did not mar the general atmosphere.

The depth of the silence was hallucinating.
And the people of those times,
Who were naked and speechless,
Were only able to bathe their lives in calm,
Which was seen, not heard, in vivid blues and greens,
Colors so haunting, so ever-glistening,
It seemed as if they were always being born.

The people, envious of the animals,
And drunk on these colors,
At last began to dream.
These were strange dreams that they had,
Always vaporing from the fresh wet of their world.
And the dreamers worked their mouths as they dreamt their dreams,
Wanting somehow to taste them as well as see them.

The suspense in this stillness was unbearable.
It was enough to cause speech to explode.

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