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Survival and the Breath beyond the Breath: Poetry as a Spiritual Practice and the Activation of the Genius Self

You don’t have to read this.  Your survival is not at stake.  Yet there was a time, still very much alive in me, a time when I was a child with pneumonia struggling to take my next breath, a time that was as short as breath, when all my will to survive was focused only on my breath, a time when another world miraculously opened for me, in which breath was fused with imagination.  Later I learned that this world was what others called “poetry.”

Over the years, as I went through the life-crises, which all of us must somehow survive and transcend — health issues, financial issues, the deaths of friends, family, relationships — I learned that this poetically charged breath could pull me through any crisis.  I learned that there is some shaping power alive in me, alive in all of us, which can always create a new and glittering reality out of the ashes of a dead or dying one.

Finally, I decided not to wait for a crisis in order to stay in touch with this indomitable, creative center, and I began to write a poem every day as a spiritual practice.  I want to tell you that you have this power living inside you right now.  It is what enables you to survive.  It is what connects you to your Genius Self.  This Genius Self is a voice that wants you to thrive in a world where wonder and plenty is your birthright.

This is the voice that I need to hear from you, and you need to hear from me, so that we can truly know and love each other.  This voice speaks “The Word” that saves and sanctifies. You’re survival might not be at stake.  You have other ways to spend your time and money.  But why wait until your next breath depends upon discovering that hidden wellspring of power and magic?  Why not make this time, your time to discover the Genius Self?

Seminar topics include:
(Note: seminar presentations are not linear, so you may attend either single session, or both sessions.  Those who attend both sessions will be able to go much more deeply into the process.)

Slipping free of the ego: The ego is limited, alternately arrogant or ashamed, bombastic, uncreative, and profoundly anti-poetic.  Learn how to create from deeper levels of the Self.

Working with a word palette: Painters don’t start with nothing, they have a palette of colors, a canvas of a certain size and shape, and a vocabulary of forms to start the creative process.  Learn how you can build an original palette for every poem, that will take you deeply into your Genius Self.

Engaging the unconscious with brain-based technique: Studies have shown that the conscious mind can hold 7 bits or information, plus or minus 2, at any given moment.  In that same instant, the unconscious mind is processing millions of thoughts and perceptions.  In this course, you will learn how to engage the unconscious mind in the act of creation.

Generating Synchronicities: When you engage your unconscious or superconscious deeply, you may also create synchronicities in your every day life, bringing the magic of your creative and poetic activities into your relationships, health, and finances.  This course can bring your life into sync with true magic.

Dates: Saturday afternoons, May 26th, 2012

Location: Private Residence in Kentfield, CA. (registrants will be forwarded address)

Times: 1-4 pm

Cost: $65 for one Saturday.

Poetry Class with Roy

Class size is limited to 10 persons, so register early to be assured of a spot.

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