The War On Women IV: Hatching ©

By Roy Dean Doughty

Written April 20th, 2012

Listen here for my reading of “The War On Women IV: Hatching.”


This is not pain,
But a need to finally placate
Those murdered and displaced
From the Nation’s body.
This is no nightmare,
But a beautiful apparition
Like the first change of color
From night’s relentless shadows
To an eggshell blue
That begins to summon green.
The earth does not shake,
And the sky does not take fire,
But a ghostly reversal
Has dropped the future behind us,
Where we see the wound
We’ve torn in the father’s side,
As a channel that guides us
Into the heart of fear.

It is here that we hear
Old tribal choruses
From the lips of women
Conflating laughter with prayer.

It is now that we feel
The magnitude of the trauma,
As the mothers lift
The sweet medicinal manna,
From the pouch of a night
Where we dream
Of a crack in the shell.

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